Toddler Room – Day Care



Toddler Activities/Curriculum

9 children : 2 teachers


  • literacy and language development activities
  • expressive and sensory art activities
  • health, safety and nutrition projects
  • puzzles, games and manipulatives
  • outdoor play
  • large-muscle activities
  • free play
  • walking field trips
  • construction and blocks
  • music
  • individual quiet activities
  • dramatic play
  • We conduct activities that are within the abilities of each child, that cultivate each child’s creative talent and imagination and include teachable moments.
  • We offer a curriculum that focuses on school readiness.

7:00am- drop off/ wash hands/ daily health check

8:00am – free play/centers

9:00am – circle time to promote color and shape recognition, singing, dancing, selfawareness, self-help skills, sharing, taking turns, sign language

9:30am – diaper change/wash hands

10:00am – morning snack

10:30am- art project

11:00am – outside recess or gym time

11:30am – wash hands/lunch time

12:00pm – check diapers/rest time

2:00pm – diaper change/wash hands

2:30pm – afternoon snack/wash hands

3:00pm – story time

3:30pm – outside play time – focus on gross motor skills; ball rolling, etc

4:00pm – diaper change/wash hands followed by play time

6:00pm – pick up time